Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join a quiz?

You need to be invited to join a quiz by someone with a Quizmaster account. On the invite, you will have a link to join the quiz or you can go to and enter the join code and game pass code provided by the Quizmaster. Then select the “Join as Player” option to join as a player on your device.

Note: Quiz It Live! quizzes are hosted live, so you need to join at the time indicated by your Quiz It Live! host.

Alternatively, why not set up an account yourself and be the Quizmaster for your friends? We’ll even provide the questions!

How does the scoring work?

With Quiz It Live!, faster answers get more points - well, as long as they’re correct! The fastest correct answer gets 200 points, second 180, third 170, fourth 160, etc. Correct answers 10+ all get 100 points.

So, it’s important to be fast (but it’s even more important to be right!).

Is there a scoreboard?

Yes! After each question, the points awarded to each player for correct answers are shown on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, you can see the player’s overall points for the round. The scoreboard automatically updates to order the players by points for the round.

At the end of each round, the scoreboard shows the overall results for the round (on the left-hand side) and the running total for the quiz (on the right-hand side). The leading/winning player overall is automatically at the top of the scoreboard.

Do I need to do anything “special” to make my device work?

No, but please ensure that you have a good internet connection and that power-saving is switched off on your device - otherwise your response times may be slightly longer. Please make sure that your device does not go to sleep when a question is in progress or you may miss your chance to answer first!

I got the message “jumped the gun” when I tried to answer the question. What does this mean?

This means that you pressed the answer before the Quizmaster opened answering. You may need to refresh your screen to allow you to answer when answering opens.

Can I display the questions on a screen that is not a player?

Yes. From the appropriate device, click on the quiz link and then select the “Use as a Screen” option, rather than the “Join as Player” option.

Quiz Hosts

I can’t login and I’m sure that the password is correct.

Check you are using the correct username (note: this might not be your email address).

How do I create a quiz?

Go to menu path Quizzes > Create New and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do you provide quiz questions?

Yes, we do. We have oodles of rounds of 10 questions for you to choose from, covering a variety of topics from Art to Sports. To add these rounds to your quiz, use the “Add existing” option and select from “Quiz It Live! Bank”.

Note: this feature is restricted on free accounts.

Can I create my own quiz questions?

Yes, of course! Use the Rounds feature to create a round with as many questions as you like (we recommend 5-10 questions per round).

You can either create the questions directly online or you can use the csv template provided to create a quiz round and upload it to your account. Make sure that each question has the correct answer selected as correct!

Note: this feature is not available on free accounts.

Can I change the order of quiz questions in a round or rounds in a quiz?

If you have created your own rounds, you can change the order by dragging and dropping the questions up or down the list. You can change the order of rounds in your quizzes by dragging and dropping, too.

How do I indicate the correct answer when creating a new question?

If you are creating questions online, click on the cross next to the correct answer and it will change to a tick.

If you are using the upload option, put A, B, C or D in the Answer(s) column, as appropriate.

When creating a question, what is the “multiply the score by” feature for?

This allows you to change the weighting of the question. For example, if you have a particularly tricky round, you could double the points scored for each question by changing this setting from 1 to 2. It also allows you to set the score scale to 0, so that you can start your quiz with a test question that doesn’t count towards the player scores.

Note: this is the “score scale” in the csv upload template. The standard setting is 1.

Can I close answering before the time is up?

Yes, it is possible to do this, but we do not recommend it. Even if everyone has answered, they may be about to change their answer, so it is fairer to allow the timer to run out.

If you accidentally close answers before the timer ends, you can either:

  • Carry on to the next question anyway – as long as everyone has answered and is happy to do so; or
  • Reopen the answering. This will reset the timer to zero, so everyone will need to respond again – as quickly as possible!
I pressed the “Advance” button too quickly before the scores for the question had been assigned to each player. Does this mean that the scores won’t count?

Don’t worry, correct answers for the question will still count towards the player’s score.

Can I reuse a quiz with different players?

Yes, of course! Just go to Step 4 on the “Managing Quizzes” page for the relevant quiz and delete the player answers. You can now reuse the quiz with a new group of players.